Web Teases

Many of you are probably aware of "webteases". These are a series of images and text that take you along on a little fantasy, and there are a few great sites that cater to tease and denial enthusiasts. I used to browse through them all the time back when I wasn't in training.

Aaaaaaanyway... I looove to write, and I decided to try my hand at one. It seems to be getting an excellent reception, so I may do some more.

If you're interested in seeing it, click here. (And if you do click to it, be sure to vote! Thank you!) Be warned, though... This is definitely an orgasm control fantasy.



Princess Grace said...

Awesome webtease!!!!! You did a great job....Im sure that was aweful *hard* on you to write it. ::giggles::

On another note, happy 2007!!

Ace said...

Thanks! Sometimes you have to take one for the team. (I'm not sure who the team is....)

gg said...

Great tease. Difficult to last.