It All Came Down to a Coin Flip....

Hi, everyone. Sorry I was sooooo weird and loopy yesterday, but thanks for your humor, teasing, and support.

I'm not sure what exactly led to my state yesterday, other than I have been working on a lot of things for Ms Kate, who is very near and dear to my heart, so I was thinking about her even more than usual. (If that's even possible. And it's not.) I do have to say, when she posts things like this on her blog, I sure have a hard time concentrating. I'm not saying she's to blame for my flustered condition, but... :) You know I luvs ya, Ms Kate. :)

Aaaanyway.... I got an IM from her last night, and it was apparent that she'd read my previous blog entry, in which I said I'd do anything for a chance to cum. Well, she had some smiles, told me that I could call her that night, and that she had something special planned. Of course, I knew then that this couldn't possibly bode well for ace, and I felt awful that I had even asked for such a thing so soon.

So I called, and she was sugary sweet as always, and she didn't say much about what she had planned, we just started in like it was a normal session. She worked me over good, I can tell you that much. I was to the point that I was feeling reaaaallly beggy and pleady, and that's when she reminded me about a post she wrote once when a guy said he'd "Do anything." Gulp. How did I forget about that one?

About this time, I start to get a bit worried. Worked up to a frenzy, yes, but worried. And that's when Miss Kate informed me that she had a quarter, and she was going to flip it and I had to choose heads or tails. Well, in honor of the picture on her blog that started me on this overly flustered path, I chose tails. She flipped the coin and said, "Hmmmmm...."

What? "Hmmmmmm?" What was it? What was it?

Sly Miss Kate had one last revelation for me... She was going to count to ten, and I had to stroke the whole time, and on the word "ten" she would either give me two seconds to cum, or tell me to take my hand away. I wasn't going to know which it was until I got to the very, very edge! That was torturous enough, but then she started counting, and I swear the numbers kept getting further and further apart! 1....2.........3....................4........................................5, etc. (This might have been in my head, but you can understand that, right?)

Finally she reached "ten," and announced that it was..... TAILS! I got a two second window and boy, did I ever jump right through it! My mind disappeared into subspace for a few moments and I relished the relief, then I was sure to give my mistress as many thank you's as I could muster out of my exhausted body.

I have decided to share this much detail with you all so you can understand what I mean when I tell you how beautiful and memorable a session can be with a mistress you truly connect to. There I was yesterday, knowing I had no right to be asking for an orgasm so soon, and Kate just took my hand and guided me. She taught me lessons in compassion, control, and self discovery.

If I had chosen incorrectly, I would still be frustrated right now, but at peace because I do truly value the importance of the goals we have set for me. Giving me a 50/50 chance was her way of saying, "This is still important, but you deserve a break from time to time." She knows my heart and soul are tender things, and she is always careful not to step on them while she guides me.

What an incredible way to kick of Valentine's Day. Thank you, My Lady.

P.S. And Happy Valentine's Day to all my dear friends here!


Princess Grace said...

I knew Ms Kate would know what you needed...even more then you. Im glad you had such an amazing time with her!!! She is lucky to have such a good boy in you!

Happy Valentines Day!!

*hmm to think I gave you two cookies last night, you did not need them!* lol

gg said...

She got my boy! Ha! Nice.

BillyBear said...

two cookies

Two cookies? WOW! I'm not sure how much mercy and compassion I can show you next time ace. Eating my Mistress's cookie ...

No, wait ... that came out wrong! Came out? That's wrong too!

Princess I simply must talk to You this Friday! I'm inches away from being the basketcase ace was! Inches away? No Princess I would never inch away ...

::sigh:: Ace! Happy Belated Valtentine's Day!!!

You are a great fucking friend!

'fucking friend' sigh ... half heartedly kicks mittens

You know what I mean, thanks for being here! I'm glad you had a great call!!!

Ace said...

Ms Grace - You were right, Ms Kate knew just what to do. Thanks for the valentine's wishes, aand thanks for the cookies. I just store them in my cheeks until I need them, so they didn't go to waste.

Billy - LMAO... Let's just leave it at "Thank you."

Princess Grace said...

"I just store them in my cheeks until I need them, so they didn't go to waste."

OMG! Laughing so hard. lol I just have to say it....you made it too easy...so instead of full balls you have full cheeks?

Have you ever watched that cartoon movie....over the hedge?? The squirrel?? Hemme I think?? OMG!!!! Ill go laugh Myself to nap land. LMAO

Lady Kate said...

I had a blast :) You are always fun to play with :) never fear my dear :) I always know what you need:)

Ms Kate

Ace said...



little bitchass said...


(Smiles knowingly as I mop the puddle that was once ace up off of the floor>

little bitchass