Story: A Mystic Meeting

I'm a big fan of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" world. I guess I'm just attracted to powerful women. (Who'd have thunk it?) One of my favorite characters is Cordelia, played with scene-stealing zeal by the gorgeous Charisma Carpenter. (Pictured to your right.)

A few nights ago she was on an episode of another television fantasy show wearing this ensemble, and I melted. Not just because I think she's one of the most beautiful actresses out there and not just because the costume is so skimpy and sexy. I was thinking about what my beautiful Mistress Kate would look like wearing this very outfit during one of our very hot sessions. In fact, I believe I would use the word "yummy". So of course, being in orgasm denial as I usually am these days, my mind started wandering and I had a very enjoyable/frustrating dream that night.

So here is a story/script, inspired by and dedicated to my wonderful and beautiful princess. Leave it to her to jump start my blog back into life.

Mystic Meeting

Hello, there. Are you lost? I don't see many men roaming these woods after dark. You must not be from around here.

Why? Well, that's not important, honey. What's important is that you're here now. Why don't you come closer so I can see you better. Come on, now. Don't be shy.

Mmmmm... That's much better. When I talk to a man, I like to be able to look deep into his eyes, just like this. I don't know if it's the chilly night air or the full moon glowing above us, but I just get chills standing here, close to you. So close that I can feel the heat of your body, your scent, your aura.

Do you like it when I run my hands across your chest... ? Your strong arms...? What if I put my hands on your waist and pulls you close to me like this? Mmmmm... That feels really good, doesn't it? Yeah, I agree. Don't you just love feeling my breasts push up against you, my hot breath on your collarbone, my hands reaching around and grabbing your ass.... Keep looking deep into my eyes..

Mmmmm... Standing here this close to you, I can feel you getting hard. Do you find me attractive? Desirable? Look deep into my eyes and tell me.

That's a good boy. I like that. I'm getting so hot, you are such a sexy, powerful looking man. Mmmmm. Why don't you take that shirt off. Keep looking into my eyes, but let me see that bare chest. Nice, very nice. Now the pants. That's right, I said take off those pants. Oh, I can see that cock bulging to get out through your boxers. I bet you would love to take it out, wouldn't you? Look into my eyes and ask to...

*giggle* Well, since you asked so nicely, I think you should. Take of your boxers and let me see that cock. Very, very nice. Look at him, he's all angry and hard. Look at it bob up and down. No, no... Don't you touch it. Just put your hands to your sides and look in my eyes, and let me enjoy it.

Do you like it when I rub the head lightly, like this? If I twist it nice and slow and light, just like this, I think I can get you even harder than you already were. Feel the blood rushing into your penis, making it stiff, and tight, and hard... Feel my fingers rub lightly under the head, tickling that most sensitive of spots. *giggles* Look at that cock bounce every time I tickle under the head... You must like that alot. I'll have to remember that.

I looove to grab cocks with my whole hand like this, and stroke soooo slowly dooooown all the way to the bottom of your shaft, then uuuup until I almost get to the head, then dooooown and uuuuuup and dooooown and uuuuuuup and doooooooooooown and up...

What's that? You want me to stroke all the way over the head? Oooooh, my poor baby... You want me to do that because it makes you spurt, and I'm not done playing with you yet. You just keep looking into my eyes while I keep stroking the base dooooooown and uuuuuuuuup and dooooooooown and uuuuuuuuup and down and up and down and uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.

*giggles* Sweetie, why are you grunting? Is it feeling too good? Does it help if I reach down like this with my other hand and massage your balls? Oooh, that just makes you groan more, doesn't it? This is torture for you isn't it? Just hang in there a little longer, baby. I'm going to start stroking over the head now, a bit firmer and faster, but I don't want you to cum yet, okay? Look into my eyes and promise me you won't cum unless I say so, okay?

Do it! Say it!

Good boy. Now, let's get that cock worked up really nice. Here I go, up and down, and up with a twist and down, and up and down... Stroking... Pushing you closer to that sweet release... Stop moving your hips baby, just let me do the work. Keep your hands at your sides... Stroking.... Stroking.... Keep looking into my eyes... Relax, let your world just fade away until there's nothing left but my eyes and the sensations I'm giving your penis.... Stroking faster and faster, harder, pumping you niiice and hard....

Oooh, what's that? You need to cum? Are you sure? Can't you just hold out a little longer while I pump and stroke and work your cock? Don't you think you could keep that cummies inside for my while I massage your balls and stare into your eyes and beat that cock just a few more minutes? Look into my eyes... Feel me bringing you to the brink... Everything else is fading away... Focus on your feelings... Do you need to cum, honey? Are you about to lose it?

Mmmmm... Such sweet begging, I love it. I think I've got you worked up quite enough, now. So here's the deal... I'm going to keep stroking you hard and fast like this, and when you are on the very, very brink of cumming, I want you to look deep into my eyes and tell me I own your cock. Got that? If you want to cum, if you don't want me to stop stroking, just say "You own my cock!" Got it? Good boy.

You ready? You need to cum? Say it, then! Look into my eyes and say it!

Mmmmmm... Good boy. But I'm sorry, I'm afraid it just doesn't work that way. You're not going to cum tonight. In fact, it is going to be a very long time before you do. You see, I'm not your average girl. I'm a forest spirit, and in order to keep my beautiful, youthful appearance I have to steal one year of orgasms from an unsuspecting man. I know, I know, it's not fair... I... Oh, what's that? Oh, sorry, I forgot to stop pumping you. I bet you're going insane from the stimulation, not being able to cum and all. *giggle*

Well, anyway, in order for me to steal one year of orgasms, the man must relinquish ownership of his cock to me. And, since I also have a few hypnotic powers of my own, I'm usually able to persuade some unlucky soul to say what I need him to. Just as I did to you tonight.

I will disappear now until one year from tonight. Then, if you come back to this same spot, and if I should happen to find a new victim, I will lift the curse and let you return to your normal life. If not, though, it'll be one more year until you get another chance.

And while you are under my spell, you'll be able to get hard, get excited, get full, heavy balls and a red, angry erection whenever the mood hits. But you won't be able to orgasm... Absolutely no release, no relief... *giggle* no cummies.

See you in one year, honey.


Lady Kate said...

I love it :) This is sooooooo going to be done is audio :)love it love it love it :) I am going to have to trace though the woods now in my belly dancing outfit :)

Kate :)

Mr Smith said...

Ace, a wonderful story and as beautiful as Charisma Carpenter is, imagining Miss Kate in that very same outfit made me so very thankful I'm not on denial! And the idea of having a year's worth of orgasms stolen from you by a seductive Goddess is very erotic. And from her post reading that Miss Kate plans to record this as an audio...well that would be incredible!

Keep up the great work!

Mr Smith

Ace said...

Miss Kate - Thank you so much! You know how it makes me feel when I do something you enjoy! :) Kisses - Ace

Smithee - Thank you for your feedback as well. As I think about this more, I suspect I was influenced somewhat by a certain vampire story... So I shall give not to that. Thanks for making me feel guilty enough to post a new story! LOL