And now, a Public Service Announcment

If you agree... Please post your support here! Every vote counts!


Princess Grace said...

I support this!!!!!!

little bitchass said...

Stop the injustice! I vote yea!

little bitchass

Mittens said...

I support this too!


not ace said...

What da hell! Sure!

Anonymous said...

I support CB3000! If it's good enough for Princess, it's good enough for me.

Wait - you mean cars DON'T have eyes????


bankyboo said...

oh yes, me too.

BillyBear said...

Well thank God this has nothing to do with me!

Wait a minute ... is that mittens?

Well right off the bat billybear labs gets 85% of all contributions when someone uses mittens outside the lab. So I'll take MsGrace's vote, mittens vote ...

Wait a minute! mittens can't type! The hand grafts never took.

::billybear clicks on the 'mittens' link - GLARES at jem::

Oh I smell a RAT! Who's behind this well funded 'Proposition CB3000'? And who is funding it? "Up with Tigers?"

::billybear impotently shakes his fist at well DARN IT!::

So it's come to this eh? Caging the bear ... well that pisses me off to no end. I'm no criminal and I too have resources!

::billybear flips open his 'StarTrek communicator'::

Friday's voice rings out, "TracerBulletBilly PI ..."

Lucky Pet said...

Does this effect imaginary ponies as well?

Ace said...

lucky pet,

If yes is what I have to say to get your vote, then YES!

BillyBear said...

If yes is what I have to say to get your vote, then YES!

Oh for crying out loud!

::billybear savagely punts mittens::

There was no science involved in that kick so back off you faceless people persons hell bent on harassing poor little scientists! ::sticks out tongue at no one::

Well OK some Newtonian mechanics maayyyy have been involved but let's keep Kepler out of this. I didn't kick her that hard. Sheesh!

Lucky Pet said...

Due a recent regrettable incident where billy shoved mittens up my ass, I feel that I must now support this initiative