I'm Still Around

Well, this is what happens when I start working too much and stop giving my wonderful Mistress Kate the attention she deserves. Now, here I am, in a locked paddock in the center of a hedge maze in the east yard of Ace Mansion, my right paw chained to a hook in the cement.

You can see, now, why it's been so long since I've had a report about my training. Locked here with only my laptop and the naughty thoughts planted by Ms Kate, my only hope is to finish my work quickly so I can play again.

Each day, my sharp tiger eyes catch a glimpse of Ms Kate enjoying the pool. (She's taken over the mansion while I'm incarcerated.) With the CB-30,000 (a special size created for tigers) locked on, I have actually begun to hope each day that she'll wear a swimsuit when she goes for her morning swim. She rarely does.

I'm going insane with a hunger that can't be sated by the cookie-meal food she has the staff feed me every night. I need to call, but right next to my blanket under the willow tree lies a computer filled with chores that need finishing. Ms Kate giggles when she asks me if I've finished my work yet. I have to growl a no each time... But it's getting closer.

If all goes well, I'll get unlocked before I have to start purring and begging and saying the "anything" word. Though maybe that will please her, too.

I adore Ms Kate as much as ever... Were she to open my cage(s) right now and allow me freedom with another, I would choose captivity. I must have patience and faith that, as she says, "my time will come."

Thank you for your patience, Ms Kate. Thank you for your patience, my few but loyal readers. I hope to make parole soon!


BillyBear said...

With the CB-30,000 (a special size created for tigers) locked on

Billy glances down at his CB-0.00000025 - thinks, "Can't wait for the endless great CB debates to break out in the chatroom ace, yeah THANKS ace ... uh huh"

Lady Kate said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my ace :) you are almost done my pet:) Just a few more chores to go then we are going to have soooooooooo much fun:)

kisses my sweet tiger
Kate :)

little bitchass said...

Hey there ace! Glad to hear that you're gonna be getting lots of Ms Kate wuvvin' soon!

little bitchass

BillyBear said...

Just a few more chores to go then we are going to have soooooooooo much fun:)

Be careful ace! It's a trap!!!

::Watches as ace runs pell-mell into MsKate's arms::

Well I can't blame him ... but there better not be any whining later!

Princess Grace said...

Aww it is good to see that your still around, and being such a good boy for your Mistress. It is so sweet to read your adoring words.

Enjoy the cage.....for a longggg time. ::giggles::

Ace said...

Wow, it's been so long since I posted I forgot what it's like to get comments! Thank you everyone for your well wishes.

Ms Kate, if you unlock this shackle I promise to be good. :D

Lady Kate said...

Ohhhhhhh ace one thing you have always been is goooooooooood :) he he he :) Soon my sweet one soon :)

Ms Kate :)

Mr Smith said...

First Jem and now you too Ace? Say it isn't so! If this keeps up this cage thing is going to catch on and I'm pretty certain I wouldn't last in one of those awful contraptions. It's time to take a stand...okay what am I saying...one look at that pic of Miss Kate in leopard print and I can see exactly how she lured you into the cage. Great to see you back writing.

Mr Smith