An Important Message from Mistress Sassa

Hey, everyone. Ace checkin' in, here! I just got a message from Mistress Sassa and figured I'd better send it along to all of you:

Hosted chat for Hump your Hand Wednesdays is at 7pm PST, or 10pm EST.

Lady Sassa and I are hosting chat on Wednesday for all of you hand humping guys. We can do anything together or individually. Like guided masturbation? We love it. Enjoy two girl calls? Then get in on our two girl special.

We will also have prizes as a part of our hosted chat. You must be present in the chat room to win.

Prizes are:

1. Free 10 minute 2 girl call with Sassa, and Tasha
2. Free 10 minute call with Sassa
3. Free 10 minute call with Tasha

Specials Wednesdays:

1. Two girl calls are $3.50 per minute on Wednesdays 12:01am PST to Midnight Thursday
2.One girl special with either Sassa or Tasha $99.00 for your first hour for new customers on Wednesdays 12:01am PST to Midnight Thursday
3. $1.99 a minute for all customers on Wednesdays all day starting at 12:01am PST.

You must ask for the Wednesday specials to receive the special prices.

Tasha 1-866-687-3717 ext. 156

Yahoo: TashaTalks2u

AIM: TashaTalks2u

SKYPE: TashaTalks2u

Yahoo: ladysassa07

SKYPE: ladysassa07

Be there! I know I will be!

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Little Bitchass said...

Hey Ace!

Good to see you getting a little blog time in! Hoping to see more of it in the future. lol

Hope you're doing OK, we miss seeing you around.

BTW, I'm running out of thin mints... you got any to spare? And don't give any to the bear unless he shows up in person!