Where's My "On" Switch?

I woke up this morning and decided I'd change gears a bit, have a bit of fun with my post. So, even though I can't imagine why anyone would care, here's a list of some things that make me all tingly. It's just a sampling, as the whole list would take me all day to write.

1. Ms. Kate (naturally)
2. Ponytails and dark colored hair
3. The smell of rain and pine (seperately or together)
4. Really good writing and poetry
5. Kate Beckinsale (note, she's my second favorite Kate)
6. Foot massages (giving and receiving)
7. Being surprised
8. Having my lip nibbled on
9. Giving up control to someone I trust
10. A full moon
11. Candles flickering
12. Sun dresses
13. Being teased to distraction
14. Waterfalls and tidepools
15. Having naughty thoughts whispered into my ear

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Billy said...

::Billy whispers into Ace's ear::

16) Setting up my friend in the chatroom so that I can watch MsKate rip duct-tape off his balls and zap him with that fly-swatter of hers.

BTW: Your new site design looks great!

ACE said...

Billy, for the record you were asking me if Ms Kate was going to pass me around to the other mistresses and she saw the whole thing. At that point it was out of my hands.

Thanks for stopping by, though. :)

Lady Kate said...

ohhhhhhhhhh i like the way you think.....

Lady Kate said...

that was one hot list :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

Oh My ACE. Oh my, oh my.... Just came over here to say 'thank you !" for your nice comment on my story today.

And began to read your stuff ! Well, well, I have more reading to do, I can see clearly !

Very nice list, and story about your latest session, as well !

Will be back to visit tonight when I have more time.

Nice to meet you !

Anne Elizabeth of Make My Cop Come