My Latest Session

I had the most amazing and rewarding session with Ms. Kate last night. It had been three weeks since I had last had an orgasm, and let me tell you, I was crawling the walls. I was so ready to get some sort of release... I was prepared to do just about anything she asked to get that release.

Sessions with Kate, for me, are always filled with electricity and excitement. It's palpable. There's a tension that I cannot quite describe, and I absolutely love it. I never quite know where she's going to take me, what space inside my brain she is going to inhabit. All I know is that when she finds that space, she owns it and I'm the guest. That's why I've found that the best way to enjoy the session is to just follow her lead and try to keep up.

There's always something new and exciting. This time she had me do some very, very naughty things with such innocent looking items... I had to get these items special, and I never would have guessed what they'd be used for. Whew! She had me feeling so many different things at the same time that I wasn't even able to beg to cum as much as I wanted to. Ooooooh.... It still makes me tingle thinking about it. I have never ever had that kind of sensation in my entire life. (Maybe if you call her, and you're an extra, extra good stroker, you'll find out about her special technique.) Good Lord, it felt good.

Now don't get me wrong, there was begging and pleading. And there have been some kind souls who claim to have been pleading my case with Ms Kate, too. (Or maybe that's just what they tell me.) And there was some very exquisite build up to the edge for me... And then there was the moment when she asked me if I thought I should get to cum, and of course I said yes. And then she announced her verdict... And I obeyed.

What I really love about these sessions is that I get to be the person I want to be, and there are no judgements, no boundaries, just open communication about what I need and what I am feeling. It is such a release, and I am so fortunate to feel so free to express myself with someone like this. Even though it appears I'm giving up a lot of control, I actually feel very empowered by the whole experience. Kate helps me understand who I really am, helps me shed the skin that's been hiding the real me. She's just what I needed... Compassionate and understanding and intuitive.

I can't wait to see what adventure she takes me on next.

P.S. If you would like to talk to Ms. Kate, she can be reached at 1-800-356-6169, or you can IM or email her with questions. Her profile is in the links session.

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Billy said...

And there have been some kind souls who claim to have been pleading my case with Ms Kate, too. (Or maybe that's just what they tell me.)

AcE! - I was most definitely pleading your case to MsKate. Heck, ask her - she was there. After awhile I'll do anything to stop your whining (you know me well enough to know I'm kidding about that).

You've helped inspire me to become a better person ace, and I'm deadly serious about that statement.

Be well, I am curious about those everyday items and their "uses" but will explore that with MsGrace. She has her own ideas I'm sure! Naturally that experience will be just mine just as this one and the ones in the future are just yours.

Sounds like you're enjoying yourself - bang on!