An Unexpected Surprise and Call to Action

Due to some very happy but unforeseen circumstances, I was able to have a special call with Lady Kate yesterday. Being on a somewhat strict training regimen usually means I pace out my calls a little further than this, but opportunity knocked, I was feeling the vibe, and Kate was available. The specifics of what happened during the call are between Kate and I, but once again (and I don't know why this surprises me still) she pushed me through a boundary that I didn't think I could get past.

What you don't know but may suspect about me is that, by and large, I am very new and nervous to this whole phone mistress/orgasm control thing. Additionally, even though I have been very, very curious about sensual domination, I have never had a chance to practice it in my personal life. Basically, this entire experience is uncharted territory for me, and it is going so wonderfully well because I have a guide I trust in Kate.

However, with all that, I am still nervous every time a boundary is explored. There are things that are really exciting for me to fantasize about, and recently I have even been getting some things ready to play out these fantasies... But I am incredibly nervous, as usual. I'm not doubting, I'm not having second thoughts. I think in some ways the feeling of nervousness is like going up the first hill on a roller coaster... Adrenaline rushing through your system as you prepare for something thrilling. That all disappears when I hear her voice though. It calms me, centers me, and the rest of the world drifts into the darkness.

Kate is very patient with me, and at the same time is teaching me to be braver, live life more fully, and uncage that part of me that I've been keeping under wraps for so long. She somehow knows that, okay, Ace is ready to go just a little further. It's uncanny.

This pic is a hint at the boundary we pushed on the last call. And no, it did not involve me wearing panties or being feminized, that's not my thing. (To each his own.) In fact, I didn't even think about this particular activity even existing until it came up on our call. But, pro that she is, Kate guided me through it expertly. And I know that it's going to be like this for a long time... I'm not going to be able to guess what each call will hold, what I will be told to do next. I'm going to have to just keep my guard down and be prepared for anything. It's fantastic fun.

Aaaaaaanyway... If you read my blog and are thinking of going on a little phone adventure of your own, this Saturday is the perfect time to do so. Lady Kate is going to be part of www.blackbookgirls.com's latest MARATHON DAY! 24 Hours of availability, from Friday at midnight to Saturday at midnight. And I know the lovely Kate has some special surprises planned for those who call her.


This is a perfect chance for any of you that are scared like I was, or haven't yet had a chance to spend some quality time with Miss Kate. Go to her profile here to learn more or to ask her some questions before your session, or call her at 1-800-356-6169. If your particular kink meter does not match mine, no worries. She is quite diverse and wonderful, and that southern voice of hers will melt you immediately.

If you enjoy my stories, my blog, just remember that it's inspired by Kate. I know I plan to give back. You should, too!

See you Saturday!


Lady Kate said...

Oh Ace.I had a wonderful time :)Love the picture:)The call was as always as hot for me as it was for you.I had to log out after and take a cold shower.You will always be my tiger :)


Billy said...

"uncage that part of me that I've been keeping under wraps for so long"

Is that why that damned cat keeps staring at me from across the IM screen?! You know that thing spooks me!

"And no, it did not involve me wearing panties or being feminized"

Uh-huh ... sure ace. Haven't heard that on before. I will point out that those sure do look like your legs though ...

Don't know if I'm buying it or not. Jem what say ye?

Still it sounds like you and MsKate are clicking right along!

::Billy eyes that damned flyswatter of Hers nervously::

So I'm in my usual state of confusion here ace. Do you want us to guess? It's not cross dressing ... Wouldn't have anything to do with Mexican midgets would it?

Your Pal

Ace said...


I'm so glad you had a good time, too. I'm quite happy to be a tiger for you. :)


Ace said...


I'm not inviting guesses as to what happened with those panties... Just couldn't really force myself NOT to mention them... LOL

I wouldn't even know where to find a Mexican midget. LOL