Merry Christmas Wishes

I am feeling much better.

I am so grateful to Miss Kate for her kindness and patience with me... For her laughter and her smiles and her understanding. I am the luckiest little pet around. When I look back over the past few months, I am excited to see how far I've really come. I think I will go a lot further eventually, but if this is any indication, I am in for quite a ride.

Thank you, Lady Kate, for being you. I hope you have a perfect holiday!

And thank you, too, to all the ladies at LDW who have been kind and helpful to me, offered support and humor.

Last but not least, thanks to my fellow LDW fans... You guys and gals are great!

Happy Holidays!


Princess Grace said...

Hope you have a Happy Holiday and a amazing New Year!!!

little bitchass said...

To my pal ace! Happy Holidays right back at ya! Here.... have a cookie!!!

little bitchass

Billy said...

Merry Christmas ace and a Happy New Year


Ace said...

Thanks everyone! I feel like we should hug or something. :)