Nursed Back to Health

Well, I have been denied any release for the last 22 days. I never thought I could make it so long. To be honest, there were a few days when I was sure I wasn't going to make it. I decided weeks ago that failure was not going to be an option for me, though.

I will call the fantastic and beautiful Ms Kate tonight to see if I've earned my reward. I will try to be good, but I'm sure there will be a lot of pleading involved on my part. Hopefully that won't lead to my undoing.

I wasn't feeling well for a few days and had to make some slight modifications to my normal homework routine. I have no doubt that this was the inspiration for my very jet lagged dream last night. Whew... These vivid dreams are the one side effect of denial that I wasn't counting on. It's going to be a long day.

Here's my latest dream. Who is the blond nurse? I'll never tell.

I sat on the exam table, flipping through the magazine that the last patient had left there. I hated the doctor's office, but I had been feeling so run down lately that I knew there must be something wrong with me. It was a bit cold in the room, since I was wearing just the hospital gown they had provided me.

There was a knock on the door, and a beautiful dark haired nurse walked in. "Mr. Ace, I'm Nurse Kate." She looked at my chart. "It says here that you've been feeling very tired lately. I need to ask you a few questions so the doctor can diagnose your problem. Please lay down on the table and relax."

I laid back on the table, and she pulled her chair up to my face, set her arm on my chest, and began reading the questions. "Do you smoke?"

Her beautiful eyes were so close to mine, I was drawn in. I managed to answer,"No."

"Do you take any illegal substances?" Again I answered no. She asked several run of the mill questions about my habits, occasionally patting my chest to make me feel more comfortable. Then she asked, "When was your last orgasm?"

It had been some time. Between feeling so tired and work, I had not had much of a sex drive. I answered bashfully, "Three weeks."

She looked into my eyes. "Three weeks? Not even through masturbation?" I nodded, feeling a little uncomfortable now. "Please excuse me for a moment, Mr. Ace."

She exited the room, then returned again quickly with another very attractive blond nurse. "The doctor has asked us to do a few tests before he sees you. I've brought in my colleague to help." Nurse Kate approached my legs and grabbed my ankles, securing them with Velcro straps to the edges of the table. "I hope that's not too uncomfortable for you. It helps us to get better test results if you are still." The blond nurse helped Nurse Kate secure my wrists at my sides in the same fashion.

Once again, Nurse Kate put her face near mine and talked gently. "The doctor feels that your condition may be a side effect of sexual frustration. We need to check a few levels on you, take a few samples, in order to be sure." She stroked my hair back and smiled. "This may feel awkward for you right now, but never forget that we have your best interests at heart. It will be over before you know it."

She placed a thermometer in my mouth. "Hold on to this, sweetie. This is one of those glass thermometers, so if it falls out it will break." I held on as firmly as I could. I looked down at my feet and saw that, while I had been distracted, the blond nurse had removed her normal uniform and was wearing just a short white skirt and a bra. I looked at Nurse Kate, asking with my eyes what was going on.

"Don't worry, this is all part of the test. Just lay back, relax, and let us collect our data." She lifted my gown up a bit, exposing my entire lower torso. She turned to the other nurse, "Will you hand me the lubricant, please?" I nearly dropped the thermometer.

The blond nurse handed the tube to Nurse Kate, who poured a liberal amount all over my genital area. Then, to my great amazement, she began to fondle me. "Just relax, Mr. Ace. The majority of our data must be collected when your penis is in an erect state." I felt my cock begin to tingle, the nerves waking up and the blood rushing to it. The blond nurse put a blood pressure cuff on my arm and inflated it.

I was hard now, and Nurse Kate was pumping me very slowly, rubbing the head a bit after every stroke, working me into a very aroused state. She stopped and looked at her handiwork. "Okay, let's get some measurements here. Hand me the tape, please." The blond nurse reached over my head to grab the tape off the counter, rubbing her breasts in my face in the process. She gave the tape to Nurse Kate and the two of them took every imaginable measurement of my cock. Girth, height, color, head circumference... I was going insane with the thermometer in my mouth, wondering if they were ever going to remember to take it out.

Nurse Kate removed her coat now, revealing a green lace bra that barely covered her perfect breasts. "You're doing so good, sweetie. Just hang in there, we have almost all the data we need now." She began pumping me again in earnest, faster and harder than before. For the first time in weeks, I could feel the semen start to bubble inside of me. She rubbed the head a bit, then continued stroking full force. "Don't have an orgasm, okay. You let me know if you are close. If you ejaculate, we will have to start over, which means you'll have to stay here like this for a few hours."

The blond nurse made it worse... She walked down to stand next to Nurse Kate and began massaging my balls lightly. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. I could feel myself surrendering to the sensations. Suddenly, the blond nurse put her hand on Nurse Kate's breast, and the two began kissing, looking right at me.

It was more than I could handle. I mumbled through the thermometer that I was going to cum. They both smiled at me, and Nurse Kate squeezed down hard on my cock just before I exploded. She held it there for a moment, then released. They looked down at my throbbing member and frowned. Nurse Kate looked at me a bit more sternly now. "I thought you were close. Hmm. Not even one drop of precum yet."

She began working me hard again, and they resumed kissing. The blond nurse walked behind Nurse Kate and removed her bra. She then took a turn stroking me as Nurse Kate returned the favor. They were kissing more passionately now, their tongues darting all over the place. But still they looked right into my eyes as the did it. I tensed, mumbled at them again, and they stopped, looking at my cock head.

A bit of precum dripped out the tip. Nurse Kate grabbed a small vial and tried to collect it. She held it up, studying it. "Well, there's some here, but not enough for a proper sample." She threw the vial in the trash and looked at me. "You're really making us work for this today, aren't you?" She smiled, her cheeks flush. Reaching beneath her skirt, she removed a matching pair of green panties, tossing them aside. "We're going to have to do this the hard way, I guess."

Nurse Kate lifted herself onto the table, straddling my chest. I could feel that she was wet, which drove me even more crazy. The blond nurse stood between my legs, pumping me, keeping me aroused. Nurse Kate wiggled a little on my chest, then took the thermometer out of my mouth. "Oh, poor thing. You do have a bit of a temperature. And your heart rate is a little elevated, too." She took my face in her hand. "Now, if you promise to sit there quietly and let us finish the tests, I'll make sure we make you feel much, much better." I nodded, starting to sweat.

Nurse Kate smiled at me, then slowly moved backward, sliding right on to my cock, and I was inside her. She put one finger to her lips and looked at me. "Shhhhhhhhh."

The blond nurse began kissing Nurse Kate's neck and fondling her breasts from behind. Nurse Kate began working herself up and down on my engorged dick. I felt my breath quiver as I tried so hard to be silent. Kate looked at me the whole time, setting the pace herself, making me want to thrust my hips. But I couldn't. I was secured too well.

Blond nurse started rubbing Nurse Kate's clit now, eliciting moans. She continued to nibble at her neck as well, and I could feel Kate starting to clench around me and quicken the pace. Her nipples were hard, her face and chest blushing red, and she sped up even more. I could feel myself starting to cum. I tried to speak. "Nurse Kate, I'm...."


My breath trembled as I tried to hold it back. Nurse Kate whipped her head backward and froze for a moment, clenched me so tight I could tell that she came, and kept going. It was more than I could take. My body clenched, my toes curled, I closed my eyes and came. I came harder than I had in a long time, spurting over and over. I nearly passed out, it was so strong. Eyes still closed, I heard her whisper to me, "Breathe.... breathe......"

Finally, my body relaxed. I opened my hazy eyes and saw both nurses looking back at me, smiling. Nurse Kate leaned forward, rubbing my chest. "Well, I bet you feel better now, don't you?"

She got down off the table, pulled her skirt down, and looked at my slowly declining dick. "Well, unfortunately, the test results won't be accurate now. You'll have to stay here for a few more hours so we can try again." The blond nurse, looking a bit flustered herself, began massaging my balls again.

Nurse Kate reached down and kissed me full on the lips and bit my bottom lip slightly. She whispered in my ear, "Don't worry. We'll keep trying until we get it right."


Little Bitchass said...

OK ace..... my turn.... damn you! damn you to hellllllllllll.......

Seriously, I don't know if I really want you to get your release or not. I know that if you do, you are gonna put me in hell for awhile.... lol

little bitchass

Billy said...

Well ace, after reading these hot dreams of yours I can follow little bitchass's train of thought completely. A couple of months more and you'll probably be the Shakespeare of fantasy writing.

Do we really want to loose that? Can't cha hold on just a little longer? ::wicked grin::

Seriously though I've been pleading your case with MsKate for the last couple of days when our paths have crossed. When I heard that you were actually physically ill from toxic sperm buildup I felt duty bound to step in and help. No "The Exciter" sightings yet.