Company Information Leaked!


The Man Slave Network Broadcast Company has recently obtained this document, which was leaked by a former employee of Ace Cookies. The elf, referred to here as "Sprinkles," delivered the letter to our newsroom minutes after being dismissed from his job. Stay tuned for more as the story unfolds.

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BillyBear said...

Transform an Pecan Sandie into an Oreo with a giant laser!!!

The Girl Scouts tried that very thing at Krakatoa using a giant magnifying glass in 1883. Naturally the Freemasons covered the resulting explosion up, building a huge volcanic crater and blaming it on an eruption. They own Nabisco through a bunch of blind corporations and don't want anyone to know of the explosive power of the Oreo (particularly the double stuff).

Take heed, oh take heed ...

What you propose is madness! MADNESS I SAY! If only I wasn't stuck in this kitten's head.