Mansion Construction

The Cocks News Network interrupts coverage of Bear Butcher: The Princess Grace Trial to bring you breaking news from nearby Ace Mansion.

Since last week's rumored appearance by the mysterious WonderAce, many have speculated that (A) WonderAce has killer gams and (B) that there may be some connection between the lasso lady and Ace Papadopolis (known more commonly as Ace Strokes, the founder of Ace Cookies and Fine Confections.)

Attempts to question Mr. Strokes have revealed a startling story... The cookie factory, once buzzing with sugary smoke stacks and the pitter patter of indentured servant elf feet, is changing. A sign on the front gate reads, "Ace Cookies is Under Renovation. Please pardon our dust." Near the far South end of the compound, girders and scaffolding have begun to pop up. Several construction personnel have been spotted unloading what appears to be a pink corvette into the garage. At night, neighbors swear they can hear the desperate howls of a forlorn and frustrated predatory cat. (The neighbors have very finely tuned hearing.)

Company spokesman and evil doppleganger Bugsy "Not-Ace" Francisco delivered a brief, yet cryptic message to the press just moments ago. "Da cookie factory ain't finished. Dey's jus makin' some, er... improvements to da technology." Then, a team of lawyers arrived, caught Not-Ace's eye, and he finished the press conference with a brief, "Now amscray."

As the legal team disappeared into the catacombs of the complex, reporters were left confused and curious. Is there something insidious developing behind the iron bars of Ace Mansion? Has the cookie maven and bdsm enthusiast finally snapped? Will 300 elves have to file for unemployment? CNN is committed to bringing you up to the date information, so please stay tuned.


Victor Shakapopolis said...

Mr. Papadopolis, MR. PAPADOPOLIS!!!

Victor Shakapopolis from Visions of Og webcams ...

Sir, you're destitute after your recent shellacking in court by the most hallowed Saint BillyBear the First. Ohhhh it's true, that's the same pair of loafers you've worn for the last three days! You're not fooling anyone, Ace Pauperopolis!

So, who's funding these extremely expensive renovations? Hmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm this is getting good


Lucky Pet said...

Lucky Bastard - See it While You Can


Love the new look.

Princess Grace said...

I am soooo going to get a lawyer after this is all over and sue the press for calling Me the bear butcher!!! Bear fondler, bear teaser, bear lover..fine...but butcher...hmph!!!

Ace said...

Thanks, Lucky, for the compliment... I guess you get a nickel every time someone reads the sidebar now.

this is getting good

Why, thank you, mysterious yet incredibly seductive stranger.

I am soooo going to get a lawyer after this is all over

Um, just remember that Billy's blog coined the "butcher" thing... I'm just a humble Ace Reporter.

So, who's funding these extremely expensive renovations? Hmmmmmm?

Funding? Pah! I've just been putting it on my credit card. I had to find SOMETHING to charge on my card this week...